Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker: Rules and Strategy

Carribean Stud Poker

Carribean Stud Poker online

Caribbean Poker is a variant of the famous game, very much in use in casinos and especially in online casinos. This has some aspects quite similar to the poker game (in general), but it also has original features such as the possibility of winning a Progressive Jackpot. In Caribbean Poker the player plays against the dealer, so there is never competition between the players at the table and the chance of success is therefore higher. To this factor must also be added the high payout percentages offered by online casinos.

Caribbean Poker Rules and Conduct

In Caribbean Poker, you need to place a bet to start playing: only players who bet at the beginning of the round get the cards. On online casinos and especially in the software versions of Caribbean Poker for single player, the game starts from the moment you make the bet itself.

Once the bet is placed, 5 cards are dealt to the player and 5 cards at the counter (including one discovery and four blankets). The player can now decide whether to continue the game (relaunch) based on their cards and the card of the uncovered bank. If the player decides to raise, continue like this:

  • If the dealer does not have at least one King, Ace or Higher Score, the game does not proceed and the player wins a odds equal to his bet.
  • Otherwise, the game proceeds and determines the highest score between the player’s and the dealer’s score according to traditional poker rules. If the player wins, they will get a payout calculated as follows:

Initial bet – raise multiplied by the value of the score according to the rules of Caribbean Poker

For example, if the initial bet is 1 euro, the raise of 2nd and I win with a single high card, I will win a odds of 1 to 1 for the initial bet, while the raise will simply be returned to me (e.g. game 1st 2, I win 4 in all). If I get at least one pair, I’ll win a odds of 1 to 1 for the initial bet and another one of 1 to 1 for the raise, for a total of 6th (1st 1st , 2nd 2nd). The multiplier for the relaunch dimension is fixed by a fixed game table.

The Caribbean Poker Progressive Jackpot

Caribbean Poker features the great feature of the progressive jackpot. In fact, in addition to the ordinary bet, at the beginning of the game the player can place a parallel bet in order to participate in the progressive jackpot game. In practice, in addition to the challenge with the dealer, the Caribbean Poker player can bet on the value of their cards that can be rewarded based on the score obtained and a predefined scale that usually starts from the color. If the player scores a Royal Flush, he will win the progressive jackpot, which in Caribbean Poker is usually very high.