Fowl Play Gold 2

Slot Machine Fowl Play Gold 2

The Fowl Play Gold 2 slot machine is known to industry enthusiasts as the “Slot Machine Fowl Play Gold 2gallina” and it’s easy to imagine why. Most likely you will have seen at least once around these machines, marked by the presence of the hens, protagonists of the game. The success of this slot lies in its pleasant game and especially in the good bonus payments, supported by a convincing payout to be bar slot machines. Let’s find out all the details together in this article that stands as a review and getting-started guide.

Technical Details

Among the technical details of the Fowl Play Gold 2 slot machine stands out the fact that it belongs to the category paragraph 6a so it can not be tampered with as it is connected to a central system that guarantees the perfect status and payments according to the scheduled cycle. The bet per game is one euro, while bets can be from 0.50 euros or 1st, with a maximum of 4 euros with accumulated energy. The display is shown in the traditional robe with a 3-to-5 grid with 9 paylines to create the premium combinations.

How to Play

The Fowl Play Gold 2 slot machine features three distinct game stages: the main game, the duck game and the Golden Egg game.

In the main game there is a double turn and the ability to block (hold) in the first round. At this standard stage the goal is to align 3 or more identical symbols along the payment lines.

In the game of the golden egg hen the player has to choose between 3, 4 or 5 hens based on those that appeared in the main game and that kicked off the bonus game. Once you choose a hen this will make an egg which can be white, silver or golden.

In the game of the duck, finally, you can double the prize won in the previous phase. The player can choose one of the ducks displayed hoping that the ducks will not be fired. In case the duck is fired without a sack, the player doubles and can continue.

Tips For The Slot Machine Fowl Play Gold

In this last part we intend to offer you some advice to optimize your plays on this slot. The first of the Fowl Play Gold slot machine tricks we want to give you is to play the second version, the Fowl Play Gold 2, instead of the 100, which could still be around (it’s the first version) as it pays better for several reasons and belongs as usual to paragraph 6a. Another, more advanced version is the Fowl Play Gold 4 slot machine: this one has four chances of combinations in the second round. In practice, once the first round (in which you are entitled to block the reels) is finished, 4 finals of different combinations appear in the second. Our advice is therefore to play these last two versions. Try to find these slot machines and tell us how they look to you. Good luck!